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Adoption & Fostering Support

Music Therapy can be an immense support for children and adolescents who are in foster care or who have gone through / are going through the process of adoption. Sessions can offer a safe space for relationship building, self-expression, emotional processing and promoting positive wellbeing. 

Goal Areas

Girl with Ukelele
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Emotional processing

Through musical creation and discussion, a range of emotions can be explored.

Different feelings can be portrayed through a variety of instruments and sounds when verbal processing might be too difficult. 

Song-writing can help to articulate emotions in a safe and supported way.


Music Therapy creates a space for self-expression through free playing on a range of musical instruments.


Playlists can be created within sessions which can help to support individuals outside of sessions.


A space is created for families to engage in something positive together. 


A space is created for the family unit to explore difficult emotions together.


Space for each member of the family to feel heard and express themselves in a creative and non-judgemental way is provided.

Promoting positive well-being


Feelings of anxiety and worry can be addressed through mindful based interventions such as singing, song discussion, instrument playing and song-writing. 

Often musical creations can be recorded which can help to provide a sense of fulfilment.

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