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Older Adults & Dementia

We provide both individual and group Music Therapy for older adults including people with Dementia in care homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and day centres. Music offers huge benefits from aiding memory recollection to encouraging social engagement with others.


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Encourages social engagement with the therapist and/or group members​.


Opportunities are created for group members to connect with each other in a safe space.


Song choice, discussion, song-writing and instrument playing offer opportunities for emotional expression.

Mindful based interventions help to reduce anxiety and promote wellness. 


Singing and listening to familiar songs can help with maintaining attention and focus.


Song singing and discussion can help to stimulate the mind through reminiscence.


Singing about time, place and people can help to aid reality orientation.


Singing helps to strengthen muscles around the lungs and diaphragm. 


Instrument playing helps to maintain fine and gross motor skills.


Music assisted relaxation helps to reduce stress in the body.

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