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Special Needs

Connect Music Therapy provides both group and individual sessions to children and adults with special needs in schools, residential homes, community centres, day centres, independent organisations and family homes.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Developmental Delays

Down Syndrome

Rett Syndrome

Learning, Intellectual & Physical Disabilities

Communication Delays



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Helps to develop speech and language through singing.


Creates a space to learn and develop signing skills (Makaton or Lámh) as the brain is most primed for new learning during music making.


Opportunities to develop non-verbal communication through call and response and turn taking based music interventions. 


Receptive communication skills are developed through following musical directions and active listening.


Develops attention and focus through stimulating many areas of the brain at once.


Encourages learning through stimulating multiple senses at once.


Builds concentration levels through engaging in music based interventions which act as a motivator.



Provides a safe space to express feelings and emotions in a creative way through singing, instrument playing and song-writing.


Creates opportunities to develop an understanding of feelings through music such as creating music that sounds happy, angry, sad, excited.


Listening to and creating music helps to improve mood and well being through releasing endorphins in the brain.



Develop fine and gross motor skills through instrument playing.


Sensory stimulation can be provided through a variety of instruments.


Movement to music helps to develop and increase mobility, strength and muscle control.


Helps aid pain management through mindfulness experiences and redirecting attention.



Music Therapy creates opportunities to engage socially and build relationships with the therapist and group members.


Develops social skills including turn taking and sharing through music based interventions. 


Creating music with other group members provides opportunities for participants to relate to one another.

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