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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is an evidence-based profession. It is the use of music as a tool by a Music Therapist to achieve non-musical goals. This can include communication, social, emotional, cognitive and physical goals.

Who can provide Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is carried out by a trained Music Therapist who has completed a recognised Music Therapy Master’s Degree.

Do I need to have Musical experience to attend Music Therapy?

No, anyone can benefit from Music Therapy. The chance to explore instruments is provided, along with discussing and listening to music together.


Will my child learn how to play an instrument in Music Therapy?

The focus in Music Therapy is not on learning music itself, but to use Music in a way to achieve other goals such as communication, physical, social, emotional and cognitive goals. Some interventions used in Music Therapy include singing, instrument playing, musical games, music listening and lyric analysis.

Where do Music Therapists work?

Music Therapists offer home visits along with working in schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and community centres.

Can I join in the session with my child/family member?

Absolutely. Music Therapy can be an opportunity to see your loved one enjoying themselves and thriving. It can be very special to experience making music together. It is best to have a discussion with you therapist about joining in with the sessions.

Who can refer a client to Music Therapy?

Anyone can self-refer to Music Therapy however parents, carers, teachers, social workers, special needs assistant or doctors can refer someone to Music Therapy. Just email or fill out our inquiry form to find out more.

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